Lily. This little Bichon Frise is full of personality and is quite the social butterfly. She loves people and lots of attention!! Playing catch is her favorite form of exercise!!  

Brandy. This is one Silky Terrier that is the ruler of “her house” as well as her pet parents' house! She likes for everyone to keep to “her” bedtime schedule!!! Hunting creepy crawlers in the house is an enjoyable hobby. She also enjoys doing “tricks” for “treats”.  

Peggy Sue & Kobie. These two Airedale Terriers have the run of the house!! They keep everything in perfect order while their pet parents are away. They love to greet you in the mornings with lots of kisses!!! They like to give directives to the lawn care specialist on when and how the lawn should be cut!!! They take their daily dosage of meds like two champs (with cheese!!).  


"When our parents go away to exotic places where dogs can't go, we call Gwen Waller's Pampered Roommates . Then we have great days and even fabulous weeks in a safe, healthy and caring environment: our own home! But when our parents return, we pretend that they were terribly missed! "

Peggy Sue & Kobie

I was so pleased to learn that you have started a pet sitting business because you are the perfect person to do this. As you recall, you stayed in our Durham home numerous times (a few days to over a week at times) to take care of the house and Brandy. After each of your stays, it was apparent that Brandy loved you and as an extra bonus for my husband and me----our house was always looked cleaner and neater than when we left.

We noticed that because you obviously love animals, you have a way of connecting with them right away and they seem so happy when you are around. It was such a relief for us to have found someone like you that we could trust to take good care of Brandy and our home. You showed such professionalism and concern that everything be handled correctly and we truly appreciated it. Could you start a branch of your new business in New Mexico for us!!!

Best wishes in your new endeavor and we truly miss you.

P. Loendorf

If you're looking for someone to take care of your pets and love them like they are their own….Pampered Roommates is the top choice. Just knowing that someone as conscientious and dedicated as Gwen is taking care of my dog and house is comforting when I'm traveling for work or play. The ultimate vote of confidence in her work is the reaction of our dog, Lily. When Gwen arrives, Lily displays pure joy and excitement. You can't ask for more than that.

G. Cake

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