Lily. This little Bichon Frise is full of personality and is quite the social butterfly. She loves people and lots of attention!! Playing catch is her favorite form of exercise!!  

Brandy. This is one Silky Terrier that is the ruler of “her house” as well as her pet parents' house! She likes for everyone to keep to “her” bedtime schedule!!! Hunting creepy crawlers in the house is an enjoyable hobby. She also enjoys doing “tricks” for “treats”.  

Peggy Sue & Kobie. These two Airedale Terriers have the run of the house!! They keep everything in perfect order while their pet parents are away. They love to greet you in the mornings with lots of kisses!!! They like to give directives to the lawn care specialist on when and how the lawn should be cut!!! They take their daily dosage of meds like two champs (with cheese!!).  


I was born and reared in Durham. My full time job is with Duke University, Office of Information Technology.
My love of animals goes as far back as I can remember to early childhood. I've always seemed to be able to connect with them. I believe this is largely due to the fact that they can recognize “friends” when they see them and feel the love!! I truly believe that if you give them love and kindness, they'll give it right back to you!!!
I began pet sitting about four years ago for my special girl, Lily. Her pet parents were so happy with my care of her that they spread the word about me to their friends. And then their friends began spreading the word about me. I got inspired to officially start a pet sitting business when watching an Oprah show that spotlighted several women that began successful small businesses. Something that I heard Oprah say resonated with me….”take something that you love and make it work for you”!
The mission of Pampered Roommates is to provide loving personalized care for your pets in the comfort and security of their familiar surroundings. This type of care reduces pet stress while you are away and makes for a more loving welcome upon your return home!!! An added bonus is daily home security and crime deterrence.
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